Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine 3 Roll

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Industrial Machinery Corporation, is Thread Rolling Machine Manufacturer and Exporter. We Exports Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machines to various countries with the name of ‘IMC’

IMC Hydraulic Thread rolling machine’s are used to produce high quality screws and other small tools and components. They are ideal for high volume production, are highly economical and ensure excellent dimensional accuracy. Industrial Machinery Corporation is a well known manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machines-2 Roll Types, Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine 3 Roll Type’s, etc. These machines are ideal for mass production purposes and help in creating the best surface finishes.

The 3 rollers HU-3R rolling machine operates hydraulically. The simultaneously and concentrically of three forces at 120 assure stability of the work piece during the rolling and as a consequence the maximum geometrical precision of the work piece. The elimination of the support blade consents a better finishing of the piece and the execution of particularly delicate profiles. The machines is suitable for rolling pipes, lapping work, threading with a high class precision and for mass production of Scaffolding pipe jack and solid jacks screws etc.

The maximum values specified above can not be achieved simultaneously

Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine 3 Roll Specifications:

Model     IMC-3R-25  IMC-3R-50 IMC-3R-75
Work Range Out Side Diameter Thread Length in Feed Thread Length Through Feed (8-25 MM) (1/2″- 1″)
(38 MM) (1.1/2″)
(Indefinite) (Indefinite)
(25-50 MM) (1″- 2″)
(50 MM)(2″)
(32-75 MM) (1.1/4″- 3″)
(75 MM) (3″)
(Indefinite) (Indefinite)
Roll Dies Max. Out Side Dia. Max. Inside Dia Spindle Box 140 60 40 140 60 40 170 80 54
Motor For Roll Spindle 3 H.P. 3 H.P. 7.5 H.P.
3 Phase AC For Hydraulic System 1 H.P. 1 H.P. 3 H.P.
Coolant Pump 0.1 H.P. 0.1 H.P. 0.1 H.P.

Circular Thread Rolls

IMC Thread rolls are used on thread rolling machine. These rolls comes in set of two and three pieces manufactured from D2,D3 and M2 Material to suit any type of machine. For any specification of thread such as ISO Metric Din Whiteworhth America, Trapozodical, Acme etc

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